Youth In Asia


Birds With Ears / 1981


Absolutely underrated band from Brighton ,with a masterpiece LP that was released by Attrix label in 1981 ,a 7" released in 1983 and some songs here and there.Gnomic utterences with dramatic bite - the band lending emphasis and leaving plenty of space - a sort of restrained, clubable punk funk sound. very interesting album. think early talking heads / the tapes / wire. some patches of laminate off.

Youth In Asia的曲目列表

A1 Invitation
A2 Head In My Bag
A3 Eatingest Person
A4 Freak
A5 Dribbling Youth
A6 Emotions
B1 Some Of Our Friends
B2 I Am A Window
B3 Wonky Bonks
B4 We Smell Fear
B5 Master Fool
B6 Danny Kaye
B7 Brilliant Tonight

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