Tiger Dancing

8.2 13人评价

Heiruspecs / 2004-09-28


The instrumental dexterity of this live St. Paul, MN-based rap group is considerable, to the point where overlooking the equally flexible MCing is almost a given. Though the album clocks in just short of an hour, it can seem more like 40 minutes, unless you consider unflinching amiability a handicap. At no point are they longwinded, and they keep the variations on their sound rolling throughout the closing track. Though the lines "We gets dirtier than woman's mud wrestling between two diseased old lepers in a sexual fling/We can go off clean like Will Smith in a fight with Mr. Clean in a soap-filled boxing ring" are silly, they sum up the group's attack quite fittingly. The prejudices against underground rap, conscious rap, and heart-on-sleeve rap will hopefully not prevent this group from being viewed as a considerable part of hip-hop history.

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Something for Nothing


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