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Precise Hero / 2007


PreciseHero来自美国密歇根州底特律,你也可以叫他Precise, 'cise, Hero, P或者只是Des。1982年8月25日出生。
Precise Hero不是那种你每天听过就算得嘻哈艺人。整张专辑从"Another Day"这首像丝一般柔滑的曲子开始,美妙的旋律和温柔的说唱让你整个人好像漂浮了起来,眼前出现一幅关于生活、爱和音乐的美丽画面。而后的一共13首歌曲会让你更深地沉醉在这幅场景里,不能自拔。
Instead of being the type of artist that spits a lot of “In –Your-Face …Muhammad Ali” style EGO lyrics, ‘Cise (as I like to call him for short) is a refreshing switch from the norm. With previous EP releases (Range, Modest Signal”), in the US, UK and Japan, and a pile of singles all over the place, Precise has finally brought it all together and released an album.
The album starts out nice and breezy with a track called “Another Day” which is amongst my all time personal favorites of his. The song is smooth and melodic and floats you along a narrative of a “ long day/ linking to a long night” painting a picture of life, love and rhythm.
Prefix which is his underground classic makes an appearance on the album and sounds as good as it did when I first heard it.
Forward captures the emotion that we all experience at some point in our lives. Forward captures the urgency of advancement and ambition that drives us all; motivating us to be inventive, creative and inspired.
Cise drops the hook that says it all:
Can’t stop & cant rest/ for life to progress /simple rush to complex /advanced steps in my process / can’t stop & cant rest/ for life to progress /move for my concept/ on level next!
Other stand-out tracks are: The “Upswing Social Mixes (Katrah-Quey & Volta Masters), Range (hot drum sample), Color Sound, Cira Runner (tRebleFree Mix), Words For (now you know) and Victory Lap
The Entire Album seems to carry a “Digable Planets / Tribe” vibe, (which is probably due to his clean, laid back vocal style) taking a page out of Ali Shaheed Muhammad’s playbook, with the exception of “Victory Lap” which seems to have a touch of J-Dilla or Pete Rock in the drums.
The only drawback to the release it seems is the track arrangement of the three (3) remixed songs. As I listened to the entire album as a whole, I began to get that, ”Didn’t I Just Listen To This Song” feel. Im not certain whether or not it would have made much of a difference if all the remixes were included as bonus tracks at the end, but the way it plays out with the current arrangement is kind of weird (to me) and messes with the composition.


1. Another Day
2. Upswing Social [Katrah-Quey Mix]
3. Range
4. ....And Everything's Alright [Brasco Mix]
5. Prefix [Natural Born Mix]
6. Circa Runner
7. Words For…(now you know)
8. Prefix [Obsidian Blue Mix]
9. Color Sound
10. Forward
11. ...And Everything's Alright [Mr. Keyes Mix]
12. Upswing Social [Volta Masters Mix]
13. Circa Runner [tREBLEFREE Mix]
14. Victory Lap





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