On My Street


Blank Pages / 2007-12-4


Somewhere amid the suburban sprawl of southern New Jersey, Blank Pages
has been brewing its tasty concoction of guitar-driven power pop from more
than a decade. With the release of On My Street, their new album on the FDR
Label, the band continues the tradition of churning out pop hooks that get
into your head and won't come out.
While Blank Pages' powerful pop exudes the hooks and harmonies of classic pop
acts like XTC and Wings, On My Street updates their sound and draws inspiration
from modern purveyors of indie-pop like Jason Falkner and Sloan. The group
features songwriter and guitarist Greg Potter, drummer Ed McCaffrey, guitarist
Jason Brown and bassist Wayne Philipp.

On My Street的曲目列表

01. Easily Misled 3:09
02. My Old House 4:00
03. Last Goodbye 3:38
04. Killing Conversation 4:26
05. On My Street 2:25
06. Unfound 3:25
07. A Whole Lot Easier 2:38
08. That Train 3:10
09. Wait For Me 4:30
10. We'll Ride 3:30
11. Too Real 3:10
12. Before I Fade 3:30
13. This Is Where I'm From 4:14


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