Plastic Surgery Slumber Party

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Jeffree Star / 2007-03-13


What can you say about Jeffree Star that hasn't been scrawled in blood and other assorted bodily fluids in dirty bathrooms all over the southern United States, or said by the whorish super promoter himself, or written in countless internet paparazzi blogs, or dreamt about by millions of teenagers and just as many adult closet mannequins?
How about he that blasphemously he calls himself “Jesus Christ with fake eyelashes” alone has created a massive network of a six hundred and twenty-five thousand teenage girls and punk/scene kids all over the globe; that he has almost 25 million profile views in less than 2 yearsr, that he has had an enviable 27 million music listens in the past year an a half alone; that he does makeup for the Hollywood elite; and that maybe he's more down to earth and approachable than most would think.
Half super bitch and half mega cunt. He is a self admitted boyfriend thief and makeup addict, he is a photo junkie and designer clothes slut, he is brazenly sexual and openly subversive; he has become a role model for the new post 911 America.And Post 911 America is where we are at. Haters beware, there's more to Jeffree Star than makeup and well coiffed hair, more than the space age Teflon personality from which he deflects bullets and bombs faster than super heroes in the movies.

Plastic Surgery Slumber Party的曲目列表

1. Eyelash Curlers & Butcher Knives (What's The Difference?)
2. Plastic Surgery Slumber Party
3. Straight Boys
4. Ice Cream
5. We Want C u n t
6. Plastic Surgery Slumber Party (Mig's Restitched Remix)

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