Time Is Fiction


Edison Glass / 2008-02-05


Edison Glass is an indie rock band from Long Island, New York. The group consists of four members: Joshua Silverberg (singer/guitarist), Josh "Mountain" Morin (singer/bassist), Joe Morin (drummer), and James Usher (guitarist). They formed Mannafest in 1998, changing their name later to Edison in 2002, and then to Edison Glass in 2004, when record label Credential Recordings signed them. Their name is derived from two renowned people from the 20th Century: Thomas Edison and Philip Glass.

Time Is Fiction的曲目列表

01. Let Go
02. Cold Condition
03. Without A Sound
04. End Of You
05. All Our Memories
06. Chances
07. See Through Me
08. The Jig Is Up
09. Our Bodies Sing
10. Children In The Streets
11. Jean Val Jean
12. Time Is Fiction

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