The Great White Wonder

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The Pooh Sticks / 摇滚 / 1991-05-27


The Pooh Sticks were fake, like a band created to sell kids a groovy lunchbox and thermos, but they are great, great, great indie bubblegum that makes girls and boys both feel super cool on their Stingray with a banana seat or, if a little more grown up, the scooter. I swear this is the sound of eternal, blissfully ignorant white kids that just want to groove, look at pretty pictures of boys and girls, blush at a stranger, sneak beer, dip their feet in a pond, go steady, break up, roll down the windows, drive fast, take off their shirts and drive slow, kiss under a tree, find a great song on the A.M. radio, pretend they're the lead singer of the greatest band in the world, sell a million records, pick the best groupie and fall asleep perchance to dream of youth again.

The Great White Wonder的曲目列表

1. Young People
2. Rhythm of Love
3. Sweet Baby James
4. Pandora's Box
5. Desperado
6. Goodtimes
7. Wild One, Forever
8. I'm in You
9. When Sunny Gets Blue

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