Venus on Earth

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Dengue Fever / 摇滚 / 2008-01-22


"A unique and surprisingly danceable group that combines a beautiful Khmer-language vocalist from Cambodia and a quintet of seasoned locals with a knack for mixing Southeast Asian pop, Vietnam-war-era lounge music, klezmer, ska, surf rock, and Ethiopian jazz." -- SPIN

psychedelic. They are world music. They are anything but mainstream. There is virtually no other band in the world playing "Khmer Rock," the style of 1960s Cambodian rock derived from Armed Forces Radio in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. Sophomore album Venus On Earth features eleven original songs that expand on the band's sound but will please hardcore fans of both the group and the genre. There is no other band like Dengue Fever, which garners fans in everyone from indie kids to well-heeled world music consumers.

Venus on Earth的曲目列表

1. Seeing Hands 4:12
2. Clipped Wings 3:47
3. Tiger Phone Card 3:37
4. Woman in the Shoes 3:06
5. Sober Driver 4:05
6. Monsoon of Perfume 4:40
7. Integratron 3:43
8. Oceans of Venus 3:32
9. Laugh Track 3:28
10. Tooth and Nail 4:28
11. Mr. Orange 2:22

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