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Various Artists / January 1981


The ultimate indie compilation that encompassed such variety that later editions would use as a template. The initial pleasure of being hit by Scritti Politti's greatest moment 'The "Sweetest girl" ' is followed by a collection of diverse groups that makes this tape so powerful. The three Postcard bands of Josef K, Orange Juice and Aztec Camera are described as various incarnations of the Velvet Underground circa '68-'70 which is no bad thing! There is a fair smattering of Rough Trade bands as this is a co-production but the performers cannot all be pigeonholed as typical RT bands. Cabaret Voltaire provided a typically dark contribution to contrast with Orange Juice's Blue Boy and likewise Aztec Camera are sandwiched between Virgin Prunes and Red Crayola. An owner's manual came in the paper with biogs and blurb. 30p an issue back then and it was worth reading as well. Most prophetic statement comes from Saxa (The Beat) who says "Buy a tape head cleaner. 1981 will be a very busy year for cassette players".

NME C81的曲目列表

A1 Scritti Politti - The "Sweetest Girl" 6:09
A2 The Beat - Twist and Crawl Dub 4:58
A3 Pere Ubu - Misery Goats 2:26
A4 Wah! Heat - 7,000 Names of Wah! 3:57
A5 Orange Juice - Blue Boy 2:52
A6 Cabaret Voltaire - Raising the Count 3:32
A7 D.A.F. - Kebabträume [Live] 3:50
A8 Furious Pig - Bare Pork 1:28
A9 The Specials - Raquel 1:56
A10 Buzzcocks - I Look Alone 3:00
A11 Essential Logic - Fanfare in the Garden 3:00
A12 Robert Wyatt - Born Again Cretin 3:07
B1 The Raincoats - Shouting Out Loud 3:19
B2 Josef K - Endless Soul 2:27
B3 Blue Orchids - Low Profile 3:47
B4 Virgin Prunes - Red Nettle 2:13
B5 Aztec Camera - We Could Send Letters 4:57
B6 Red Crayola - Milkmaid 2:01
B7 Linx - Don't Get in My Way 5:15
B8 John Cooper Clarke - The Day My Pad Went Mad 1:46
B9 James Blood Ulmer - Jazz Is the Teacher, Funk Is the Preacher 4:03
B10 Ian Dury - Close to Home 4:13
B11 The Gist - Greener Grass 2:32
B12 Subway Sect - Parallel Lines 2:38
B13 John Cooper Clarke - 81 Minutes 0:13

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