Winter Passing Original Soundtrack

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Various Artists / 2006-02-21


A collection of the best Indie Rock, Lo-Fi & Alternative names including My Morning Jacket, The Kingsbury Manx, Deadsy, Azure Ray, (Smog), Goldcard and others. I highly encourage all of you to learn more about the artists on this soundtrack. For those of you not familiar with their music, I assure you that you will be thrilled to discover their sounds. Explore, enjoy and above all, spread the word!

Shiro Gutzie ~ Soundtrack Producer

Winter Passing Original Soundtrack的曲目列表

1. Rise - Azure Ray
2. De-Da Dementia - The Kingsbury Manx
3. Lady Day - Deadsy
4. Didnt Feel A Thing - Goldcard
5. You Alone - Dawn Landes
6. Steve and Bill and Tom - Bottomside
7. A Guiding Light - (Smog)
8. Point Of Disgust - Low
9. The Kissing Song - Dawn Landes
10. The Beast - The King Of France
11. Affliction - Bottomside
12. Old September Blues - My Morning Jacket

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