Live in Copenhagen


Der Blutharsch / 2006-10-09


As is usual with the ever-enigmatic Der Blutharsch, their latest release comes clouded in their customary shroud of impenatrable secrecy. Peering behind the curtain of what we know: this Brand New "Live In Copenhagen" album comes with a completely different tracklisting ( and possibly better sound quality ) of songs to 2005's equally clandestine "Live At The Monastery". A live document from the Der Blutharsch's "Farewell" tour 2006, presenting a more rock oriented side of Der Blutharsch. Sportinga full live line up of Marthynna (vocals, drums, percussion, keyboard, strum stick), J"rg B. (guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals), Bain Wolfkind (drums, vocals), Alessio B. (guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals) and of course Albin Julius (vocals, harmonium, keyboards, theremin, raagini) - thee ultimative line up for thee ultimate nasty rock music. So bring your iron rain down upon me!

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