Blood, Brains, & Rock'n Roll Limited

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Zombie Girl / 2007-07-16


Here they come, here they are. The living dead superstars have returned! You were one of the thousands to have already succumbed to their Back From The Dead EP initiating trip. Now comes the exciting moment to join them on their terrifying Blood, Brains & Rock 'n' Roll noise crusade! Zombie Girl's viral sonic invasion will not spare any soul from their creepy noises, bleeding beats, rock'n roll grooves and hypnotizing witchy vocals. Crowds of rotting corpses will dance their heads off to these pumping industrial-dance tunes, mutating all graveyards of the world into mega frantic horror clubs! Flocks of crawling living dead will walk in rhythm behind the bewitching sexy prophetess of the underworld, Renee Cooper-Komor, and her slaved studio mentor, Sebastian R. Komor (Icon of Coil, Bruderschaft, Muscle and Hate, Moonitor, etc.).

With good old horror movies as a theme and their particular sense of humor in the background, their "Zombie Techno Body Music" offers the perfect bridge between dark goth industrial and futuristic grooving electronics. Let Zombie Girl take a bite out of you and join the Zombie Nation now!

This album is also available as a limited edition boxset that includes some fan goodies, plus a full bonus disc with exclusive songs, remixes by Mortiis and Seb Komor himself , plus special cover versions of songs by Berlin ("Sex (I'm A)", Rob Zombie ("House of 1,000 Corpses"), and more!

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Blood, Brains & Rock 'n' Roll


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