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Annabel Fay / 2007年8月21日


Annabel Fay is the latest signing to Siren Records (Goldenhorse, Opshop), and has finally released her self-titled debut after the album's first single spent the summer in the NZ charts and all over commercial radio. Fay, the daughter of merchant banker Michael Fay, has undoubtedly led a charmed life - born in Auckland but educated in Europe, and before her discovery by Siren's A&R team she was set to study music in Chicago. But the teenager's singing (and songwriting: she wrote many of the tracks on the album and had a healthy input into the rest) is informed more by her broad taste in music than anything else, with Fay listing favourites as disparate as Notorious B.I.G and the Who.
The Auckland-recorded album is about to provide a second single, 'Strong', that has hooks aplenty and should follow in the successful footsteps of 'Lovin' You Baby'. Fay has her sights set on further albums, so expect much more from the smoky-voiced newcomer in the future.

Annabel Fay的曲目列表

1. Lovin' You Baby
2. I've Had
3. Shake It Off
4. Alone
5. Tears Me Up
6. Strong
7. What Would You Say
8. Keep On Moving On
9. Take My Hand
10. Winners
11. Home
12. Liar
13. Sleep Come Free Me

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