Siamese Flowers


Various Artists / 2006-06-07


---Modern Rock,Indie Rock.

Siamese Flowers的曲目列表

CD 1
1. Dot Dot Dot (Oldfish(올드피쉬))
2. Young Romance (Oldfish(올드피쉬))
3. Norwegian Wouldn'T (Former Miss America)
4. Balloon (Former Miss America)
5. Watch The Star (Tearliner(티어라이너))
6. Rain Became Tears [Misty Rain Ver.] (Tearliner(티어라이너))
7. Meckanikal Dialling (Tuco)
8. Can'T Tell (The Cood From The Bed) (Tuco)
9. Radio Days (Misty Blue(미스티블루))
10. Spring Fever (Misty Blue(미스티블루))
11. Not Quite The Actress (Greenwitch Resident)
12. Silos (Bedroom Recording) (Greenwitch Resident)
13. Infant Song (Jelly Boy)
14. Thx 1138 (Jelly Boy)
15. Makeover Needed (Loufu)
16. Wind Blow (Loufu)
CD 2
1. 도둑 고양이 빈센트 (Oldfish(올드피쉬))
2. 보니 2 (Oldfish(올드피쉬))
3. Slow Days (Misty Blue(미스티블루))
4. 날씨맑음 (해파리소년 리믹스버전) (Misty Blue(미스티블루))
5. 춤추는 소녀와 빨간 구두 (Jelly Boy)
6. Close Encounter (Jelly Boy)
7. Dist Rush Original Ruch (Tearliner(티어라이너))
8. Snowbird[English Guide Ver.] (Tearliner(티어라이너))

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