1991-2001: Forever True


Earth Crisis / 2001-10-09


For more than a decade, EARTH CRISIS have been one of the most influential and revolutionary bands in the metal, hardcore and punk scenes. While often imitated but never duplicated, "91-01" serves as a document to these legends in their own time. Since their inception, EARTH CRISIS have had a single and uncompromised mission: the fight for total equality of all living creatures. This fight has fueled a worldwide revolution that still burns strong today. While spreading their message during numerous tours of the US and abroad, they have gained the attention of such prestigious media outlets as 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, America's Most Wanted and have also made an appearance before the United States Congress. There are very few bands in the history of hardcore music that have seen both their message and music have such a quantifiable impact on their fans, music and society in general. You would be hard pressed not to find at least traces of EARTH CRISIS' controversial beliefs, sound and energy in the majority of all hard music being released today as they are consistently cited as a main influence by all bands of their ilk. Documenting EARTH CRISIS' entire VICTORY RECORDS history, "91-01" covers everything from the early 90's ground breaking "All Out War" and "Firestorm" through the 2001 sensation "Last Of The Sane" and everything in between. This is the seminal EARTH CRISIS collection, a release that no fan of hard music should live without.

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Killing Brain Cells


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