African Herbsman

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Bob Marley and the Wailers / 雷鬼 / 2004-11-16


Bob Marley's music had become an international phenomenon in three short years since his first album's release outside of Jamaica. That a compilation was already in demand attests to the universal impact and energy in his music. African Herbsman was originally released in 1973, at a pivotal point in Marley's Carrer. These tracks capture the mystical magic when Marley, The Wailers, and the Upsetters came together under the spiritual hand of producer Lee "Scratch" Perry. So vital were these songs that Marley would revisit them on future recordings. "Trenchtown Rock," "Kaya," and "Lively Up Yourself" were among those gems to become standards for the next decade.

The following years would find Bob Marley and the Wailers elevated to international superstar status. Rapid popularity growth and a desire for new challenges saw Marley split from his producing partnership with Lee Perry. After African Herbsman, Marley had learned to stand strong behind his own voice. A DualDisc is a two-sided disc made up of a CD on one side and a DVD on the other, DualDisc's breakthrough technology allows one disc to have it all. A full album on the CD side. All sorts of special material on the DVD side, including the full album in a 5.1 Surround Sound, exclusive video content and lyrics. DualDisc work wherever you play CD's and DVD's, including car stereos, PC's DVD Players, game consoles and CD players.

DVD side has Bonus Tracks

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Lively Up Yourself


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