Constant Motion

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1773 / 2006-04-24


1773 is a collective of 2 emcees from Chicago, IL.
The group name comes from the areacode of Chicago,
1-773. These 2 cats came together in 2004 to put
together a nice side project. 11 solid feel good
hip hop songs with substance and matter in their
concepts, something that is rarely found in music
these days. With only 2 features on the album from
Praverb and vocalist, Eileen Torres suppling her
lovely voice on one of the songs Wisdm O.N.E. & Just
J really wanted to showcase what they can bring to
the table. Cuts are provided throughout the album
by DJ Bombay and DJ Moral One. This album also
features production from some very talented producers.
On the production team we have none other than Tony
Stone who heads up the majority of the beats on the
album. Also the Lightheaded gang, thats right people!
Ohmega Watts, Othello and Braille all supplied some
lovely tracks to make this thing come to life. Ill
Quality, an up and coming producer on the scene also
lays his talent down on the beat tip. Listen to the
official single "Constant Motion" produced by
Ohmega Watts!

Constant Motion的曲目列表

01. Too Long (prod. Tony Stone) [03:56]
02. Constant Motion (prod. Ohmega Watts) [04:42]
03. Nature's Course (prod. Tony Stone) [04:06]
04. Live From Planet Earth feat. Praverb (prod. Othello) [04:18]
05. Sounds Of Life (prod. Ill Quality) [03:51]
06. Hard 2 Understand feat. Eileen Torres (prod. Tony Stone) [04:22]
07. Scud Missiles (prod. Braille) [02:01]
08. Fist To The Ceiling (prod. Tony Stone) [04:24]
09. Broken Star (prod. Tony Stone) [04:39]
10. One Day (prod. Ill Quality) [03:11]
11. Whatever Me (prod. Tony Stone) [03:43]
12. Heart Music [02:51]
13. Constant Motion (Remix) [04:00]
14. Constant Motion (Volta Masters Remix) [04:07]
15. Heart Music (Volta Masters Remix) [04:13]

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