8.4 16人评价

The Hair / 2007-12-12


Their sound is probably best described as a refreshing mix of Talking Heads, The
Cure and Stone Roses which goes some way to explaining the sizeable cult
following theyve already acquired. Over the floor shaking grooves and the taut
guitars lies a layer of well-written and highly intelligent lyrics, blasting
them into orbit over the plethora of oohs, aahs and handclaps that seem to be
all anyone else has to offer at the moment.
Theyve already appeared alongside some of the other big up-and-coming bands of
the day but, if this is anything to go by, theyll soon be leaving them all in
their wake. Get hold of a copy of this if you can and, if you get the chance to
see them live, jump all over it.


01. Brick Supply
02. Ghosts
03. Stocks
04. Left Foot, Right Foot
05. Blood
06. Bunny Boiler
07. Half Cut
08. Sidney Betts
09. Disco / Retr
10. Sorry
11. Hooker
12. Secret Stash




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