veleno de teixo

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Sangre Cavallum / 2007-12-04


The new album of Sangre Cavallum shows a further change in musical sound. The folk music for which again a rich variety of instruments have been used is processed further than ever before towards psychedelic rock on this new album. It furthermore takes some extra time to get used to the voice of the new singer Emanuel Melo da Cunha but after some time the new album Veleno de Teixo again proves to be completely satisfactory. Veleno de Teixo means poison of the yew tree. The yew is a tree of which not only the wood is very suitable to make bows of but it is also a tree with a very lengthy lifespan and to which all sorts of holy qualities were addressed. The main theme on this album is the cultus of the pre-christian mother goddess and a tribute to the female warriors from the iron age. When a battle was lost the poisonous moist from the yew tree was taken to escape imprisonment. The traditional instruments Sangre Cavallum have used, such as the hurdy-gurdy, mandolins, acoustic guitars, bagpipes, flutes and war drums, are being manipulated by psychedelic guitar and bass play and hypnotising heavy distortion. The electric guitars and rock structures give the folk music of Sangre Cavallum a modern touch which goes well together with the atmosphere that is created around the traditional folkloristic themes from the area of Callaecia in Northern Portugal . Sangre Cavallum shows an especially varied and above all powerful modern folk sound on Veleno de Teixo, which proves that traditions can be very much alive in modern times as well.

veleno de teixo的曲目列表

01. Bravas
02. Dona Angelica
03. Colosso de Pedralva
04. Ó Menino Ó
05. Brancas Pastoras
06. Moinho de Sangue
07. Chin Glin Din
08. Às Mães às nossas Mães
09. Cego Andante
10. Monte Medulio
11. Duriana Troa
12. Sagrado Teixo / Cruel Vento
13. Cantiga
14. Tremor - rebentam peles, seivas e águas
15. Noite de Solstício
16. Bravura

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