Scream America

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Tokio Hotel / 2007-12-11


TOKIO HOTEL are Bill Kaulitz (vocals) & Tom Kaulitz (guitar), Georg Listing (bass) and Gustav Schafer (drums), and their story reads like the script for a blockbuster movie... They are quite simply the biggest stars of the past 20 years in their native East Germany and having begun in Germany `Tokio Fever' is now an international epidemic...

Since signing with Universal in May 2005, TH have sold almost three million records & DVDs in Germany alone. With countless German awards and platinum awards for sales in Austria & Switzerland. Their albums have both topped the charts spawning four No.1 singles. Meanwhile, the first leg of the European stadium tour in 2006 saw the band playing in front of thousands of new fans, all going mad, all of the time.

Check out their US debut single, "Scream" and get set for their debut album in early 2008!

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