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Kazumasa Hashimoto / 2007-12-14


The Japanese Noble label, home to luminaries such as TENNISCOATS, continue their releases of albums dedicated to the concept of "music for a daily life". Readers of these pages know that Noble is very dear to us, and we consider it Japan's prime label for astute alert music. Some of you might also know that KAZUMASA HASHIMOTO is our favourite Noble samurai. We are therefore eager and thrilled to be able to offer you "Euphoriam" - the new album by Japan's brightest burning star - the warm, mystical and talentful Tokyo composer, digital alchemist and pianist KAZUMASA HASHIMOTO.
The new album, "Euphoriam" is Hashimoto's fourth album, follow up to "Gllia" (Noble, 2006), "Yupi" (Plop, 2003) and "The Second Epitaph" released in May of 2004 - the latter was reviewed in over 40 publications in Europe and America, with Germany's best music monthly DE:BUG awarding it 5/5 stars, and Hashimoto's works were also extensively used by BBC TV. On all three works, he showed his talent to initiate an astonishing fusion of rich acoustic and electronic sounds, with found sounds and field recordings, which found welcoming homes also outside of Japan. After a tour in Japan, and in the East Asia, followed by collaborations with World Standard and Shione Yukawa, "Euphoriam" is here released - an undertaking that took 18 months to complete.
We have come to love Kazumasa Hashimoto for his warm genre-transcending music, his delicate combination of academic musical theory, unrivaled creativity and digital alchemist skills. “Euphorium” sees Hashimoto take a more "traditional" shape, wherein he brings his light experimental softness to a more melodic pop body - pop music that is new yet nostalgic at the same time. Hashimoto plays and produces most of the instruments, from the piano, guitar, bass to drums accompanied by several guest artists playing violin and cello, and features more vocal tracks including M-5, featuring Gutevolk. The pop melodies and the elegant and sophisticated arrangements of the tracks stun, with their beautiful and breathtaking harmony.


01. Count My Sheep
02. Lonesome Girl
03. Euphoriam
04. Velvet 36
05. Londo
06. Vagrantones
07. Ballad
08. White Butterflies
09. Endless
10. Perhaps I Never Meet You
11. Goodbye Miss Wiggie





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