The Hawk Flies High

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Coleman Hawkins / 爵士 / 1991-07-01


Recorded in New York City, March 12 and 15, 1957
Coleman Hawkins: Tenor sax
J.J. Johnson: Trombone
Idrees Sulieman: Trumpet
Hank Jones: Piano
Barry Galbraith: Guitar
Oscar Pettiford: Bass
Jo Jones: Drums
Coleman Hawkins' 1957 session for Riverside, aside from an oral documentary record in a short-lived series, was his only recording for the label under his name. Yet producer Orrin Keepnews had the good sense to invite the legendary tenor saxophonist to pick his own musicians, and Hawkins surprised him by asking for young boppers J.J. Johnson and Idrees Sulieman in addition to the potent rhythm section of Hank Jones, Oscar Pettiford, Barry Galbraith, and Jo Jones. The two days of sessions produced a number of strong performances, with Hawkins still very much at the top of his game, while both Johnson and Sulieman catch fire as well. Even though most of the focus was on new material contributed by the participants, the musicians quickly adapted to the unfamiliar music, especially the leader's old-fashioned swinger "Sancticity" (which sounds like it could have been part of Count Basie's repertoire) and the pianist's tightly woven bop vehicle "Chant." Hawkins was one of the great ballad interpreters, and his majestic performance of the standard "Laura" is no exception.

The Hawk Flies High的曲目列表

"Chant" (Hank Jones) - 5:08
"Juicy Fruit" (Idrees Sulieman) - 11:16
"Think Deep" (William O. Smith) -3:24
"Laura" (David Raksin, Johnny Mercer) -4:34
"Blue Lights" (Gigi Gryce) -5:44
"Sancticity" (Hawkins) -9:10

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