Find Me


Silent Hill / 2008-02-05


"Find Me" is only an appetizer, a 5 tracks EP that showcases Silent Hill's
diverse talents, "Groove In Surround", the opening track invites Ruli "K.Y.D"
Aizen, younger brother of Erez Aizen (Infected Mushroom), to share his MC
vocals, which he regularly practices in his Hip-Hop band - KYD, to explore
Electro-Hop dimensions and of course massive grooveness.
The 2nd track is a collaboration with the Trance Princess - Dali (Dalit
Eizner), which spices the Silent Hill's superb sound quality with her lethal
vocal skills. All is mashed up to a unique threesome of Trance Troopers who
will Kick your Brain and leave you no choice but kicking your ass on the dance
The 3rd Free Your Mind, track is an adrenaline enhancer intertwines with the
enchanting Guitar melodies of Eli Pinto with a bit of Breaks and pinch of
Electro tweaks all the right ingredients for a dancefloor mayhem!
"Find Me", the 4th Track and the title of this extraordinary EP, brings some
spanish influences ala Santana, and invites you to find your psychedelic sides
and get them on board in the Silent Hill funky spaceship, not without a smile
of course.
Trying not to be framed in any specific genre Sillent Hill practice some
Progressive manouvers in "Father Connection", highlightens their grooviness
even more and shows that with the right people, this genre can be very
pychedelic and dynamic.
Later on in 2008 Silent Hill will unleash their debut album on YoYo/BNE
titled "Break Me To Pieces".

Find Me的曲目列表

01. Groove In Surround 08:48
02. Kicking My Brain 07:08
03. Free Your Mind 06:45
04. Find Me 06:50
05. Father Connection Progessive Mix 07:01


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