Night of the Zombie Party

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Zombie Ritual / 2004-12-07


Straight from the forest of resurrection, comes Japan's ZOMBIE RITUAL with their debut 12-song album of flesh-devouring death/thrash metal! These zombies have risen from their graves to assault you with wicked thrashing riffs and classic themes of horror and bloodshed! Pure undead death metal with splatterific artwork from the living cult legend Jake Karns (Tales From Uranus comics)!

Night of the Zombie Party的曲目列表

1 Zombie Ritual 4:28
2 Zombie Fire 2:41
3 Zombified 4:30
4 Zom-Beer 2:34
5 Zombies Devour You Alive 4:07
6 Brains For Zombies 1:08
7 Zombie Axe Massacre 3:50
8 Zombie Party 3:48
9 Zombie Drive 3:28
10 Zombie Legions Kill! Kill 2:36
11 Die Zombies Die 4:54
12 Zombie Metal War 2:29

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