Happy Ending


The Phoenix Foundation / 2007-10-08


Wellington, new zealand, indie pop-rockers the phoenix foundation are very pleased to announce the release of their new, 3rd studio album ''happy ending'' through flying nun. The follow up to their gold selling album ''pegasus'' (2005), the new album was once again been recorded and produced by lee prebble at the surgery studio in newtown, wellington between late 2006/2007. The amazing video for their first singe 'bright grey' was directed by the oscar nominated taika waititi, for whom they wrote the soundtrack for his latest film 'eagle vs shark'. The phoenix foundation are riding a wave of critical acclaim and interest on the back of an eventful past year spent touring the usa (three times no less), building upon the profile gained from their work on the soundtrack and score of taika waititi's film 'eagle vs shark' and the whole flight of the conchords phenomenon. Their first album, 2003's 'horsepower' is now released in the usa through american recordings.

Happy Ending的曲目列表

1 Bright Grey
2 Bleaching Sun
3 Slumber Party
4 Gandalf
5 40 Years
6 Irrelevant Noise
7 A Day In The Sun
8 Pure Joy
9 No One Will Believe Me When I'm Dead
10 Omerta
11 Burning Wreck
12 Sugar

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