I Am Legend

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James Newton Howard / 原声 / 2008-01-15


The gripping score by James Newton Howard is being described as one of the composer's finest.
James Newton Howard's score is minimalist and subdued, with tender piano passages underscoring much of the emotional beats, and some high octane percussion during a few action sequences. But there is a lot of silence in the film - which goes a long way in selling Neville's isolation in the former city that "never sleeps", and it's the mood that is created that makes I Am Legend an effective thriller.

I Am Legend的曲目列表

01. My Name Is Robert Neville
02. Deer Hunting
03. Evacuation
04. Scan Her Again
05. Darkseeker Dogs
06. Sam's Gone
07. Talk to Me
08. The Pier
09. Can They Do That?
10. I'm Listening
11. The Jagged Edge
12. Reunited
13. I'm Sorry
14. Epilogue

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