La Nuit Vol.2


VA / DJ Jondal / 电子 / 2007-08-24


Summer has long reached its end yet the nights are still hot! Following the worldwide success of La Nuit - Rare Lounge Grooves mixed by DJ Jondal, we can now proudly welcome back the master of chillout himself, with Volume 2!

Martin Unger (aka DJ Jondal) has put together for Ministry of Sound Germany a dreamy compilation of international, mainly unreleased titles with his sure hand and intuitive flair for sublime sonic trips that have long since become his trademark. This means a double CD with breathtaking sounds like the Bedroom Warmup on CD1 is just made for drifting off to dreamland whilst Late Night Moves on the sister disc serves up exciting House-grooves for an exuberant night on the dancefloor.

This decidedly intense track list is not defined by big names but by a self-assured, lyrical selection of music that harmoniously merges a wide spectrum of emotions and styles in a way guaranteed to enthuse not only confirmed aficionados, but any music fan with a discerning pair of ears.

The infallible Jondal stirs feelings, passion and fantasy; this is the perfect soundtrack to wash away the stress of the day and dream or dance to your heart's content!

La Nuit Vol.2的曲目列表

01. Sunset Blvd - Ocean Shores
02. Oka - Exodus (Taking it Easy)
03. Le Garde - Wake Up Darling
04. JEN meets CAN 7 - Temptation & Seduction
05. Dahrheim Lounge - Muestra Del Zodiaco
06. Afterlife feat. Dannii Minogue - Take Me Inside (Christophe Goze Rmx)
07. Christophe Goze - Hi Honey
08. Deep Dive Corp. - Walker (Ohm - G Rmx)
09. Green Empathy - Evening Flow
10. Roberto Sol & Chris Le Blanc feat Ines - Sueno De Amor
11. Waldeck - Make My Day
12. Hattler - Silent Surveyor (De Phazz Rmx)
13. Sweet Velvet - Recalling The Rising Sun
01. Moba Sound - My Cats (Island Groove Remix)
02. Olaf Gutbrod - G-Zone
03. Show-B - The Crest of the Wave (Original Mix)
04. Silicon Funk - It's About Love (Terry Lee Brown Jr. Dub Mix)
05. Lucky Loop - Late At Night
06. DJ Pippi vs Stefano Mango - Walking In The Rain
07. Chris Le Blanc - Into My Dream
08. Les Adams feat. Alexis - Twist In My Sobriety (Gauze Twisted Mix)
09. P.M.FM - 124 Filters
10. Client - It's Not Over (Alex Kiss & SHOW-B Remix)
11. Jeff Bennett - Identical One
12. Nikos Diamantopoulos - Fly

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