Luckiest Girl

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Rosey / 2008-1-3


There’s something undeniably seductive about jazz music- its glamour, sexuality and earnest, soulful roots all appeal to a comfortable, old-fashioned musical sensibility. Yet singer/songwriter Rosey is one of the select few who sees one step beyond the classic image and recognizes the genre as an entirely fresh form of pop music. A longtime jazz lover who began her eclectic career as a rock n’ soul siren on Island/Def Jam, Rosey is unique in her ability to find the delicate balance between both eras on The Luckiest Girl, her smoky, sensual, self-produced Quango debut.
Since we last heard from Rosey on that aforementioned 2002 freshman effort, her remarkable career has indeed taken many exciting twists and turns throughout several unconventional musical associations. Following instant national attention from her single “Love” landing on the Bridget Jones’s Diary soundtrack and “The Afterlife” scoring a slot in the Farrelly Brothers’ Shallow Hal, the tunesmith toured with the lauded likes of Melissa Etheridge and Morcheeba. Outside of her own interests, she’s also teamed up as a co-writer on many occasions, from hit maker Kelis to a number of burgeoning artists (with whom she doubles as a mentor) to writing jingles for commercials.

Luckiest Girl的曲目列表

01. It's A Ruse
02. Who Am I
03. Love
04. I Remember
05. My Love
06. Those Eyes
07. Be Somebody Blues
08. Luckiest Girl
09. It's Easier On Me
10. Hand In Hand
11. First Time
12. The Old Fashioned Way

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