American X: Baby 81 Sessions

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / 摇滚 / 2007-12-04


American X: Baby 81 Sessions is an EP from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, released in the US on December 4, 2007. The CD collects B-sides and unreleased tracks from the Baby 81 recording sessions along with a new short film for the song "American X." Initially, the CD was only released at indie record stores in the US, but was made available internationally shortly thereafter. The EP is notable for an uncharacteristically dark sound, and this is a possible reason why these particular songs were omitted from the album.

American X: Baby 81 Sessions的曲目列表

01 The Likes Of You
02 Vision
03 The Show's About To Begin
04 MK Ultra
04 Whenever You're Ready
06 20 Hours
07 Last Chance For Love

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