Tribute to Rowland S. Howard


Various Artists / 民谣 / 2007-01-30


Rowland Stuart Howard is an Australian underground Rock musician. He was a member of The Boys Next Door, which later evolved into The Birthday Party, with band members Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Tracey Pew, Phill Calvert, and contributions by Blixa Bargeld and Anita Lane. The band's songs were composed by Nick Cave, Mick Harvey and Rowland. He left the band because of creative divergences with Nick Cave. He then became a member of Crime and The City Solution, a band led by Simon Bonney, and later formed These Immortal Souls with Genevieve McGuckin, Harry Howard, and Epic Soundtracks. He thereafter worked with Lydia Lunch, Nikki Sudden, Kas Produkt, Barry Adamson, Einstrzende Neubauten, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Henry Rollins. He also released an excellent solo album called Teenage Snuff Film in 1999. In short, Rowland S. Howard is a stirring songwriter and a very influential guitarist, and Stagger Records wanted to pay tribute to his inimitable style. Features contributions from Mick Harvey, The Drones, Alice Texas, Bellmer Dolls, The Hate Inside and many others. Stagger. 2007.

Tribute to Rowland S. Howard的曲目列表

1. I Ate The Knife - Mick Harvey (DISC 01)
2. Several Sins - Stanley P
3. Undone - Wok
4. Sleep Alone - Dimi Dero Inc
5. Blast Off - Punish Yourself
6. Better Blood - The Hate Inside
7. Dull Day - Dead Brothers
8. Hide - Jon Ulecia
9. Crowned - The Drones
10. Dead Radio - Penny Ikinger
11. Blood And Sand - Bellmer Dolls
12. Still Burning - Kamikaze Trio & Spencer P Jones
13. Marry Me (Lie! Lie!) - Alice Texas
14. Shivers - Nikki Sudden (DISC 02)
15. I Burnt Your Clothes - The Holy Soul
16. French Revolution Blues - Gallows
17. Silver Chain - Mark Steiner
18. So The Story Goes - The Iron Cobra Orchestra
19. Endless Fall - Wok
20. Marry Me (Lie! Lie!) - Circo Fantasma
21. La Folle De La Ville (Black Milk) -- Gil Rose & Les Hydropathes
22. Shivers - Noah Taylor
23. I Ate The Knife - The Mo
24. Song For Rowland - Leone Carmen
25. So The Story Goes - Rowland S Howard

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