It's After the End of the World

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Sun Ra / 2003-04-22


Full title - It's After The End Of The World. Recorded live at the Donaueschingen Music Festival on Oct. 17, 1970 and at the Berlin Jazz Festival on Nov. 7, 1970, at a time when Sun Ra's Arkestra (featuring Alan Silva, Leroy Taylor, Lex Humphries, etc.) was one of the most innovative things happening in the already innovative avant-garde jazz scene. Lounge soundscapes from outer space - in Ra's music we find elements of jazz, blues, tribal music, the occult, etc. - creative genius beyond measure who guarantees a mind-altering aural experience every time. Miniature gatefold LP sleeve. Universe. 2003.

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Strange Dreams/Strange Worlds/Black Myth/It's After the End of the ...


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