Eye For An Eye

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Dreamland / 2007-01-13


Dreamland is part of the new breed of Swedish power metal bands who have followed the path of a cheerful upbeat Helloween meets Hammerfall sound that made Dream Evil rise to semi stardom several years ago. In my opinion Dream Evil debuted in a very impressive way with the amazing "Dragonslayer" but faded quickly and have not succeeded in following up their amazing start. Dreamland, also hailing from the Gothenburg area, on the other hand take a step in the right direction with the release of their sophomore album "Eye For An Eye". Nice, mellow and laidback melodies go hand in hand with stellar instrumental skills from all band members and a traditional power metal vocalist with a warm, gripp and passionate voice. The lyrics are nonsense cliché but Dreamland has quickly emerged as one of the most important Swedish power metal bands. "Forever And Ever" is a classic power metal anthem that sounds as if it could have been taken off "Dragonslayer". The final track "Revolutions In Paradise" has a nice lead melody but also an unusual mix of growling and the usual vocals. Recommended to fans of Helloween, Hammerfall, Dream Evil and maybe even Freedom Call. Even though they are skilled musicians they do however need to improve their song writing to reach further in the future.

Eye For An Eye的曲目列表

1. Eye For an Eye
2. Carousel Of Pain
3. Reverse Deny
4. Secret Signs
5. Chosen Ones
6. Spread Your Wings
7. Shadows Of the Night
8. Heavenly Designed
9. Children Of Tomorrow
10. Forever And Ever
11. Revolution In Paradise

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