Dawn’s Music

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Dawn Landes / 民谣 / 2007-04-14


Dawn Landes is a New York-based singer-songwriter. She plays a variety of instruments (8-dollar guitars! pink accordions! glockenspiels! optigons!).
Whether she's performing by herself or with accomplices (members of the bands Hem and The Earlies), her live show brings moving silence to the crowd and has caught the attention of a number of popular touring artists who've taken her on the road. In addition to her gig performing with Rounder recording artists Hem (backing vocals and Glockenspiel), Dawn has supported the likes of José González, Suzanne Vega, Le Tigre, Rainer Maria, Andrew Bird, Feist, M83, Jane Siberry, Josh Ritter, and Shannon Wright.
Dawn's self-recorded and self-produced album Dawn's Music is available in Europe through French label Ocean-Music, and can be purchased in America if you go to a show (well, its also available on CD Baby). British label Boy Scout Recordings will be releasing a mini-album called Two Three Four in Europe this summer, and Dawn recently finished her second full-length album Fireproof, which is available exclusively in the US through Other Music.

Dawn’s Music的曲目列表

1 Suspicion 3:54
2 Kissing Song 4:39
3 Mud & Stars 2:34
4 Traffic 4:09
5 Kids in a Play 3:44
6 Superfish 3:10
7 The Accordian Song 3:19
8 Scars 3:29
9 Without You 3:30
10 French 3:15
11 Honey Bee 4:12

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