Warrior Dubz

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Mary-Anne Hobbs / 2006-11-14


The UK underground is on fire in 2006. It's undeniably a special, fertile time and BBC Radio 1 dee-jay Mary Anne Hobbs wanted to capture some of the unique energy of this generation on a single compilation. Warrior Dubz represents a collection of some of the pioneering underground artists she's been supporting on her show.

More than half of the tunes featured on Warrior Dubz were produced exclusively for the album. The others are the underground classics that helped define the 2006 scene. Hobbs is responsible for shaping the agenda of one of the most trend-setting and respected underground music shows on English radio. Regarding her influence on the music she champions, consider this: When BBC Radio1 announced a new "specialist" schedule, her show, formerly called Breezeblock, was rechristened simply Mary Anne Hobbs.

Her mission is to find truly elemental new music and present it in step with emerging global scenes. At the core of the show is the next generation of dubstep, grime, drum'n'bass, dark dancefloor, hip hop, techno, IDM, radical electronics and any other new music that will, if you listen closely, change your life.

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Deadman Walking - Virus Syndicate


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