Gerd / 2006-04-18


Third studio album. Flowing with soulful nu-jazz, breaks, beats, salsa rhythms, melody and stunning guest vocals - from the opening joy of `Elementz' to the melancholic closing of `Deep Moon' - this is one album that keeps beautiful music firmly in `Perspective'. Gerd is Holland's most prolific producer of leftfield dance music such as broken beats, nu-soul, hip hop and nu-jazz. Having worked with people like Mark Pritchard, Tom Middleton, Kirk Degiorgio, Fila Brazillia, Leftfield, etc., and having his music and remixes released by labels such as LEA, Compost, Freerange, Ecco Chamber, Pork Recordings, Op-ART, Universal Language, EMI, Virgin, etc, it is a safe bet that Gerd would deliver an interesting take on contemporary dance. Life Enhancing Audio. 2006.


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