The Blue Album


Peter Scherr / 2003-12-09


Peter Scherr, bass
Matt McMahon, piano
Bruce Huron, saxophone
Simon Barker, drums
Guy LeClaire, guitar
available through iTunes, Amazon, CDconnection, cdBaby, also Creative Music in China store
乐曲的创作灵感源自 Brian Eno 的氛围音乐理念,乐曲由乐队使用发声乐器现场演奏,并经过后期制作处理,独具特色,氛围伴奏则是在电子音乐工作室内精心编配而成。
“The Blue Album”是与 1/Hr.Music 合作录制的首张专辑,该工作室专门从事创意音乐的制作。
The project focuses on arch forms created by stating simple musical ideas and gradually overwhelming them with an increasingly intense and chaotic texture. At the arches' apex, there is a usually a sudden change to an unrelated texture, which subsides gradually - even grinding to a halt in one case. These pieces are generally of symphonic proportions (ie: ten to fifteen minutes in length) and develop surprising power. The arch forms alternate with ambient pieces -relatively static treatments, which calmly allow small portions of the original melodic material to be stated over a hypnotic tapestry of sound.
These are very much inspired by Brian Eno's concept of ambient music, though they are perhaps unique in that they were originally performed by a live group of musicians, using acoustic instruments and treated during the post production process while most ambient works are the result of careful layering in an electronic music studio.
"The Blue Album" is the first in a series of recordings to come out on the boutique 1/Hr. Music label, which specializes in creative music.

The Blue Album的曲目列表

Disk 1:
1. Tupelo
2. Keith
3. Keith Ambient
4. Luna
5. Luna Ambient
6. Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Disk 2:
1. Bang Utot
2. Western Pure Land
3. Hong Kong Folk Song
4. Life and Death on Long Island
5. Long Island Ambient
6. W.P.L.

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