The Best of Ella Fitzgerald

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Ella Fitzgerald / 爵士 / 1996-03-26


艾拉·珍·費茲潔拉,雅號艾拉夫人,美國歌手,被公認為20世紀最重要的爵士樂歌手之一,與比莉·哈樂黛和莎拉·沃恩齊名。 憑藉着橫跨三個八度音階的歌喉,她以純潔的音色、近乎完美無缺的分節和音準著稱。

The Best of Ella Fitzgerald的曲目列表

1. A-Tisket A-Tasket
2. Undecided
3. Stairway To The Stars
4. Five O'Clock Whistle
5. Cow Cow Boogie
6. Flying Home
7. Stone Cold Dead In The Market
8. You Won't Be Satisfied Until You Break My Heart
9. I'm Just A Licky So And So
10. I Didn't Mean A Word I Said
11. Oh, Lady Be Good
12. How High The Moon
13. My Happiness
14. In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down
15. Smooth Sailing
16. Airmail Special
17. You'll Have To Swing It (Mr.Paganini) Pts. 1 & 2
18. Blue Lou
19. Lullaby Of Birdland
20. Hard Hearted Hannah

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