Rock The Magic Rock

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The Reegs / 摇滚 / 1993-11-01


From AMG Reviews
The Reegs' one proper album as such is one of those efforts where it's better remembered for the sound rather than the songs, if only because Reg Smithies and Dave Fielding are such amazingly good guitarists that their talents overshadow almost anything else. The opening song, "J. J. 180" -- perhaps not unsurprisingly, an instrumental -- demonstrates the reach and potential limitations of the band all at once, with the rich arrangement of guitars and just enough delay being simply breathtaking, but the piece itself verging between oddly twee and suddenly powerful. But this set aside, there's still enough on the album to justify a listen, though ultimately this is an album for those already convinced by their abilities instead of for newcomers; the Chameleons are just simply that strong as a unit, something The Reegs are comparable but not equal to in the end. The sometimes half-whispered, half-sung vocals from Fielding and Gary Lavery aren't enough of a hook as Mark Burgess' compelling singing, while the creativity of John Lever's drumming is still missing. And yet, fine moments abound; the tension and sense of creeping drama in many songs and arrangements in particular, such as "The Blind Denial" or the often-times breathtaking "In Disbelief"; or the just unsettling enough flow of "The Dolphin's Enemy," another instrumental which starts the second-half of the album. Some of the finest songs are the calmest, such as the reflecting acoustic guitar/keyboard blend "Goodbye World" and (in both separate takes) "The Nasty Side," which captures the yearning nostalgia so often present in the Chameleons' sound in a slightly different but equally strong way. When the songs themselves really hit a memorable stride -- "Oil and Water" is perhaps the best of the bunch -- then The Reegs really connect, and some success is certainly better than none.

Rock The Magic Rock的曲目列表

* J.J. 180
* The Blind Denial
* Goodbye World
* The Dream Police
* The Nasty Side
* The Dolphin's Enemy
* In Disbelief
* Oil And Water
* Running To A Standstill
* The Nasty Side (Reprise)

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