New Radical

8.1 59人评价

Krepulec / 2007


martial /neofolk /industrial / - special packing, handmade/ The new album of KREPULEC is over 40 minutes of martial, neo-folk and industrial music. Big portion of melody, accordions, drums and accoustic gitars. "New Radical" is an album witch mix genres, new radical style. Unconventionally released album as line of folded and printed paper. After folding to 13cm x 18cm size the package is wrapped with fabric ribbon. On it are printed four different quotes from the time of building "new" system.

New Radical的曲目列表

01 salute
02 socjalizm
03 kongres jednosci
04 poznan
05 tango
06 mysl o przyszlosci
07 nieracjonalny styl
08 europa
09 salute ii
10 ruch ludowy
11 pogrzeb w prlu

New Radical的短评(4)

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