Ordinary Song


The Little Ones / 2008-01-29


The Little Ones are four music heads from California, they have their own take on the classic west coast sound and give it an individual twist. In 2007 they released the mini-album 'Sing Song' to critical acclaim and are back in 2008 ready to deliver their first full album. 'Ordinary Song' is the first single to be released from the debut album proper 'Morning Tide'; recorded in LA with Dave Newton, and mixed predominantly by James Ford, with Andrew Weatherall and Jason Cox also involved. The band played the NME New Band's Tour with the likes of the Rumble Strips and Pull Tiger Tail. They have also been out with: - Manics, Jamie T, We are Scientists, and this December, with The Kaiser Chiefs. 'Ordinary Song' is a bright, bold pop record that marks the start of the next chapter of The Little Ones story.

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"Ordinary Song"


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