Attuner Of The Spheres

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Nekyia / 2002


“Attuner Of The Spheres” is the second album by Polish band NEKYIA since the band was founded. The three members in the band are Brzoza (vocals), Manuzi (vocals, acoustic guitar and programming) and Grasi (vocals, guitar and violin).
My expectations started to rise when I first read on the info sheet that the band plays “Heavy Orchestral Industrial with Gothic influences”. This could really be an interesting band. After I’ve listened though the album a couple of times, some of the expectations has been fulfilled while others has been totally smashed into pieces. Regarding the music, I have really nothing to complain about, it’s what was promised, quite heavy industial with an atmospherically and gothic feeling over it and sometimes even with a quite pompous feeling.
Once in a while the music also begins to have strong similarities towards dark ambient, for example on the third song “Inner Oceans”, which is a really good song, mostly because it’s completely instrumental.
The vocals are a different thing however. There are both female and male vocals and also spoken parts on the album. The female vocals are really good but the male vocals and the spoken parts do not impress me in any way. The band should have made this album much more instrumental and left out the male vocals, which more or less ruins the whole album.
Expect “Inner Oceans” there is an other quite good song. That song is “The Disinheritance” (even if does contain some male vocals) and there would be other songs that would be good once if not the male vocals would have been present.
NEKYIA have some interesting elements in their music and at times the music is really good but the entirety unfortunately suffers from the feeling that the album is a little bit incoherent and the terrible male vocals. “Attuner Of The Spheres” is an okay album but not anything I would recommend. There are so many better albums than this one.
Written by: Janne

Attuner Of The Spheres的曲目列表

1 Wait For Access (0:27)
2 Into The Nekyia (4:36)
3 Inner Oceans (2:47)
4 The Morning Star Shines At The Crossroads (4:23)
5 Machine Of The World (1:27)
6 The Quest (1:37)
7 Equilibrium (3:55)
8 ...And What Is Your Hell Paved With? (1:33)
9 Fernery In The Garden (4:08)
10 In Lateribus Aquilonis (1:33)
11 Procession (3:19)
12 Ecce Dies Ater (1:24)
13 The Disinheritance (3:33)
14 Purgatory Is A Serpent Domain (3:42)
15 Attuning (1:00)
16 B.B.Q At The Styx (1:12)
17 ...Dementat Prius (3:37)
18 ...What Never Took Place (1:24)

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