Oracular Spectacular

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MGMT / 电子 / 2008-01-22


MGMT is a psychedelic synthpop group formed in 2002 in Brooklyn, NY. The band consists of multi-instrumentalists Andrew VanWyngarden (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Ben Goldwasser (vocals, keyboards, synths, drums), both alumni of Wesleyan University.
Electronic Indie Dance Rock began as a thesis project from music majors at Wesleyan University. They used to be known as “the management” with songs about not quite growing up and a lot of nonsense. They are known for playing shows with only an ipod and some mics.
Andrew Vanwyngarden, one of the MGMT figureheads, is currently collaborating with of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes, with plans to release a record in 2008 under the name Blikk Fang. MGMT was on tour with Of Montreal late in 2005 and VanWyngarden has been appearing on stage during some performances on Of Montreal’s summer 06 tour.
MGMT are currently touring the US with Yeasayer.

Oracular Spectacular的曲目列表

Time To Pretend
Weekend Wars
The Youth
Electric Feel
4th Dimensional Transition
Pieces Of What
Of Moons, Birds & Monsters
The Handshake
Future Reflections
Fourth Dimensional Transition
Of Moons Birds And Monsters
The Handshake

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