Worry The Bone

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Ali Harter / 2007-6-15


Ali Harter, 23, is a singer/songwriter from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Playing in bands or as a solo musician for the better part of twelve years, Harter is a veteran in the national music scene.
After signing and later parting with an Oklahoma based record label in the winter of 2005/2006, Ali has joined forces with Oklahoma's own Mama Bird Booking and has bounced back by means of staying on constant tour, a bare minimum of 13 dates a month, and has recorded a new full length record as an independant artist, which was released June 15th 2007 on Little Mafia

Worry The Bone的曲目列表

01. You Can Keep'em
02. Untitled N?
03. What Do Ya Do
04. This Might Save Your Life
05. Poor Kate
06. Everyone Must Lose
07. He Is Good To Me
08. Now That You're Gone
09. I Would
10. Run Run
11. Can't Resist The Man
12. Woman That Mans The Kind
13. Lessons (Live)

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