Bon Jovi-Live from London

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Bon Jovi / 摇滚 / 2002-05-28


Live From London is a live concert video from the American rock band Bon Jovi. It was the band's first concert video and was shot at Wembley Stadium on June 25, 1995 in front of 72,000 fans on the These Days Tour. Directed by David Mallet and produced by Andy Picheta, the release shows Bon Jovi performing some of their staple live hits, and also some songs from their album These Days. The approximate running time is 90 minutes, as some songs from the concert were cut from this release.
The last track "These Days" is a music video featuring concert clips rather than a live performance.

Bon Jovi-Live from London的曲目列表

"Livin' on a Prayer"
"You Give Love a Bad Name"
"Keep the Faith"
"Blaze of Glory" (Jon Bon Jovi Cover)
"Lay Your Hands On Me"
"I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" / "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" (Medley)
"Bad Medicine" / "Shout" (Medley)
"Hey God"(Jon Bon Jovi Cover)
"Wanted Dead or Alive"
"This Ain't a Love Song"
"Closing Credits"
"These Days" (Music Video - featuring concert clips)

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