Greatest Hits

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Keith Urban / 民谣 / 2007-11-20


This greatest hits CD features two newly recorded tracks, a remake of Steve Forbert's 1979 hit, "Romeo's Tune," and a new full band recording of "Got It Right This Time (The Celebration)," as well as all of his #1s: his first, "But For The Grace Of God," "Somebody Like You," "Days Go By," "You'll Think Of Me," "Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me" and more.

Greatest Hits的曲目列表

1 Romeo's Tune
2 Got It Right This Time (The Celebration)
3 I Told You So
4 Stupid Boy
5 Better Life
6 Making Memories of Us
7 Once In A Lifetime
8 Tonight I Wanna Cry
9 You're My Better Half
10 Days Go By
11 But For The Grace Of God
12 You'll Think Of Me
13 Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me
14 Raining on Sunday
15 Where The Blacktop Ends
16 .Your Everything
17 Somebody Like You
18 Everybody

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