Don't Call Me Marshall

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Eminem / 流行 / 2005-10


Marshall Bruce Mathers III, known professionally as Eminem, is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer.

Don't Call Me Marshall的曲目列表

01. don't call me marshall (intro)
02. say my name
03. go to sleep
04. nigga (feat notorious big 50 cent)
05. shady camp (interlude)
06. business (remix) (feat mack 10)
07. patiently waiting (feat 50 cent)
08. victory (remix)
09. back down royce (feat d12)
10. the sauce
11. the boston bitch (interlude)
12. rap game (solo mix)
13. nail in the coffin
14. don't push me (feat 50 cent)
15. lose yourself (remix)
16. love me (feat obie trice 50 cent)
17. slut phone call (skit)
18. superman (cry me a river remix)
19. renegades (feat jay-z)
20. parking lot flows (interlude)
21. 8 more miles (feat 50 cent)22. it's only fair to warn freestyle (bonus track)
23. stimulate (bonus track)
24. the cross (remix) (bonus track)

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