Takes Fakes and Dead She Dances (UK Import)

9.6 22人评价

Derek Bailey / 1999-01-25


Bailey's first recorded solo performance in seven years is a splendid example of the guitarist at his finest. Two of the ten pieces are from a live concert, including an eerily attractive poetry recital by Bailey of Peter Riley's morbid "Dead She Dances." The other eight selections are short studio cuts. In all, this recording is what we have come to expect from Bailey: atonal swatches of sound, unique styling, changes in tempo, and astonishing creative splashes of acoustic guitar. Patterns emerge, dissolve, fade, and reappear, with the unexpected always the norm. Bailey's unique excursions might be compared to musical approximations of abstract expressionist art, with each number unfolding in unanticipated ways. While the highlight of this CD is Bailey's recital, in which he accompanies himself on guitar, there are plenty of wonderful moments on every track.

Takes Fakes and Dead She Dances (UK Import)的曲目列表

1 Notts
3 One Damned Thing...
4 Opening Title
5 ...After Another
6 It Goes in, Out, Round, About
7 This Title and the Following Title
8 Should Be Reversed
9 Rabbit as Seen by Dog
10 Dead She Dances

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