My Winter Storm

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Tarja Turunen / 2007-11-14


2007 debut solo album from the former vocalist with Nightwish, released hot on the heels of Nightwish's 2007 album, their first without her! 14 tracks including 'Last Northern Star', 'IWalkAlone', 'Poison' and more. Spinefarm.

My Winter Storm的曲目列表

1. Ite, Missa Est
2. I Walk Alone
3. Lost Northern Star
4. Seeking For The Reign
5. The Reign
6. The Escape Of The Doll
7. My Little Phoenix
8. Die Alive
9. Boy And The Ghost
10. Sing For Me
11. Oasis
12. Poison
13. Our Great Divide
14. Sunset
15. Damned And Divine
16. Ciaran's Well
17. Minor Heaven
18. Calling Grace

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