Sakura Swirl

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Luminous Orange / 摇滚 / 2007-08-28


The Yokohama-based band Luminous Orange has been around since 1992, and their new album Sakura Swirl is a perfect showcase of the expertise and talent accrued over the last 15 years. Formed and fronted by female auteur Rie Takeuchi, LO clearly take great inspiration from the first wave of UK shoegaze as well as the guitar pop and electronic music from Cornelius and his contemporaries in the Shibuya-kei movement. (In fact, Cornelius' Trattoria label released some of Luminous Orange's first material right before it dissolved in 2002.) But Luminous Orange are not stuck in recreating the past: they have radically altered their genetic material to form a brand-new sound. At points, the new album Sakura Swirl sounds like a respectful tribute to My Bloody Valentine: airy vocals float above heavily-layered wall-of-sound guitars drenched in a bog of resonant reverb. Other songs, however, sound as if Rei left the rest of her band in the studio to hole up in her house and record more private and delicate material. Some tracks are hybrid of the two contrasting forms: equal parts guitar pop and wall-of-sound shoegaze.

Sakura Swirl的曲目列表

01 - Sakura Swirl
02 - Every Single Child
03 - Icicles
04 - Reverie
05 - Silver Kiss
06 - Mithrandir In The Sky
07 - Half A Boy
08 - Under Your Skin

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