Devotion - The Gold Edition

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Jessie Ware / 电子 / 2013-04-15


devotion - the gold edition
march 5, 2013
firstly, thank you to everyone who’s already bought a copy of devotion. it’s now official news that there’ll be a gold edition coming out on april 15th. featuring two new tracks, the new single, imagine it was us, and wildest moments featuring a$ap rocky. if you’re tuned in to the annie mac show on march 22nd you’ll be able to hear ‘imagine it was us’ first and pre-order from itunes directly after!
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Devotion - The Gold Edition的曲目列表

“Wildest Moments”
“Still Love Me”
“Not to Love”
“Night Light”
“Swan Song”
“Sweet Talk”
“Talking in Water”
“Something Inside”
“Strangest Feeling”
“What You Won’t Do for Love”
“Wildest Moment” (acoustic)
“Running” (acoustic)
released as “Devotion (The Gold Edition)“, and will include a bonus disc with four tracks, two of which are previously unreleased, including a new single, “Imagine It Was Us“. One day later, this version of the album will be released in the United States under its original title.

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